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Dave Christensen

Dave started sailing with his brother Mick in 1970.  On the first tack he fell overboard.  He was not deterred.  He moved on to windsurfers in 1980.  After windsurfing for 10 years he returned to sailboats.  The ‘Bad Idea’ was purchased in Madison, Wisconsin in 2000.  Dave made the trip cross country, first to Connecticut to pick up a trailer for the boat, then to Wisconsin to get the J24. 


Dave became interested in Didi Mini’s in 2004.  After pondering and pining for about 6 months, he arranged for the purchase of this kit from CKD Boats in South Africa.



Wendy Larsen

Wendy learned to sail before moving to Arizona in the mid-70’s on her brother-in-law’s Catalina 22 on Lake Erie.  She has sailed on big lakes, little lakes, San Diego bay and the Pacific.


After cruising for most of her life, Wendy joined the Arizona Yacht Club 2 years ago.  She met Dave and began racing, working the foredeck aboard the Bad Idea.  The Didi Mini is being constructed in her garage.


The 21 foot boat is 2 feet longer than the garage.  On Friday, May 13, 2005 the wall separating the garage from the front bedroom (formerly known as Beth’s room) comes down.  Or at least part of it does.  Wendy figures if she and Dave can build a boat, replacing the wall later is no big deal.

Wendy in Hawaii           Wendy & Dave in France       Ethan




Where we sail in Phoenix:

Picture taken on 23 Feb 05.

The water level in Lake Pleasant is at it's fullest in this picture.

Picture taken on 04 Aug 05. Water level has gone down 20ft.



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