September 2006 Build Photos

September build hours:  67                                                                           29-Sep-06

29 Sep 06.

This shows how the cockpit floors are in a line.

And slopes aft.

From the transom showing the different heights of the floor.

And for Sam, this is how yours should look.

Grooved fairing on the daggerboard.

Hopefully it will sand and shape easier.

The carbon, ready to be wet out.

And stuck to the bulkhead.

25 Sep 06.

Water tank hatchs.

#1 Hatch.

24 Sep 06.

Looking aft.

Aft sections.

23 Sep 06.


Wendy and Carel

Dave and Carel

22 Sep 06.

Bulkhead #5 and forward have the 2nd coat of epoxy.

19 Sep 06.

More epoxy on the hatchs.

Fwd bunk.

Starboard side tank top.

Aft part of the fwd bunk and the port tank.

18 Sep 06.

Fillets on tank tops.

And filled the "dashed" lines.

17 Sep 06.

Water tank fittings. Fill on left, vent on right.

2 vents and 1 fill.

Starboard tank top on.

Port side.

12 Sep 06.

Bulkhead 1 hatch.

Water tank top.

11 Sep 06.

Water tank tops and lids.

#1 hatch with logo.

Making circles.

In squares.

10 Sep 06.

Fillets all done.

Forward hatch fitted.

Drilling holes for the water tank lids.

Pressing in the inserts.


06 Sep 06.

Junk to hold down the tops.

More of the junk.

Deck stringer doublers...

...along bulkhead #9

Tools of destruction.

All busted off.

Partly cleaned up.

Ready to go.

New doubler cut and fitted.

And glued on.

05 Sep 06.

All compartments painted.

Starboard side.

Looking aft thru #4.

04 Sep 06.

Port aft compartments.

Port side.

#1 hatch drawing new doubler.

The doubler needs to be replaced due to not enough edge distance for the screws.