September 2007 Build Photos

Sep Build Hours: 44                                                                           26-Sep-07

26 Sep 07.

More hole.

On the inside.

More doublers.....


25 Sep 07.

Doublers clamped.


20 Sep 07.

Before fillets.


Alignment holes for the jockey poles.

Mast section.

19 Sep 07.

Layout lines. The small hole is the center of the mast.

Parts epoxied.

And clamped.

More creative clamping.

18 Sep 07.

1st coat of paint

After using up a gallon of paint.

17 Sep 07.

After sanding.

14 Sep 07.

Getting started.

All white!

13 Sep 07.

The tools of sanding.

Toe rails epoxy covered.

12 Sep 07.

Toe rails epoxied in place.

With a little help.

The inside grab rail.

The fairing fillets or fairets around the toe rail.

Fairets on the aft deck.

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