April 2007 Build Photos

Apr 07 Build Hours: 47                                                                                      25-Apr-07

25 Apr 07.

Fillets on the inside corners.

Covered with epoxy.

23 Apr 07.

More shots of the wet box mold.

20 Apr 07.

Side frames and bottom cut.

Sides cut.

17 Apr 07.

Pulling off the peel ply.

16 Apr 07.

Ready to go.

Carbon uni's wet out and the keel coated with epoxy and cab-o-sil.

Carbon uni's in the axel area.

and the keel blade.

other side.


1st layer of carbon fabric.

Kevlar partly wet out.

Kevlar in place.

Next layer of carbon.

And in the vacuum bag.

Reward for a hard day!

15 Apr 07.

Kevlar cut.

And the carbon

The plastic pattern.

11 Apr 07.

Ready for final sanding.

Added fairing compound to the low spots.

10 Apr 07.

The keel with....

... the clamps...

... removed.

And rough...


Getting closer.

Leading edge.

Mostly faired.

Adding the trailing edge section.

09 Apr 07.

Three of the sections epoxied....

... together, with the forth getting epoxied.

A close-up of the keel bulb plate.

And the G10 tube....

.... for the axel.

08 Apr 07.

All sections have been rough profiled....

... and the slots for the....

...bulb plate cut.

Sections all aligned....

...and marked for the axel shaft.

Axel shaft holes....


05 Apr 07.

2 sections profiled....

... with slots cut for bulb plate.

Gave up on the band saw....

And cut the profile with the saber saw.

4 sections rought trimmed to shape.

03 Apr 07.

Close up of the slot and the carbon rod.

Bonding in the carbon rod.

New vacuum to help control the carbon dust.

Profile cut.

Close up of the slot for the blub plate.

Next section marked for cutting.

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