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Welcome to Our Web site!

We are building a Dudley Dix designed, CKD Boats kit, of an Open 6.50 Meter or "Mini".

Ours will have the canting keel and water ballast.

We live in Phoenix, Arizona USA, and plan to sail it in Southern California costal races,

as well as our local racing and just sailing a fast boat!

News & Progress:   Here is the blow by blow coverage!

Latest Build Photos.


05 Nov 12. Our 3rd weekend of racing.  
Ok, so not so much as racing, but starting and trying to stay out of everyone else's way, as we figure out just what the heck we're doing. I'm beginning to think that building the boat was the easy part.

So I re-rigged the jib leads and we had no problems with it, even as the wind was 15 with gusts to 20. We should've reefed the main, but I have not rigged the lines for that yet. We had some issues with the runners getting on the wrong side of the boom. Not sure how much of that was poor technique, or being over powered, and twisting off the main or both. As for the spin, we still had problems with deploying from the cockpit, even though I had added more purchase. The 1st set was slow as I had to retie lines that were routed wrong. Then on the 1st gybe we discovered the new sheet was on the wrong side of the tack line. The next set was a bit better and all was well until we gybed. The bowsprit went over center then blew off 90 deg. In the process of trying to sort out the mess the halyard went over the top of the main. W.T.F. By the time we got that sorted we had enough.

On a positive note, the leaks in the bilge are fixed! All was dry after a weekend of sailing and the floorboards are all down.

See Nov Pix

15 Oct 12. We're sailing!  
The leaks are mostly fixed, well down to seeps now. And thanks to the good folks at Harken, we have a fix for the main sail cars losing all the balls. Sailing in mostly light winds we tried out the jib, canting keel and spinnaker. Had issues with all of the above. Our jib leads lines were too small and would not stay in the cleats. The keel lines on the lazy side would jam in the blocks. And the bowsprit was hard to deploy from the cockpit and when the spin loaded up if the pole was below the centerline it would then go all the way to leeward. More work to do. And speaking of work, we now have 3800 hours in.

Photo from Chrisann Tortora.

See Oct Pix.

01 Oct 12. Leaks, leaks, leaks, balls and yes leaks.   
So we repaired the leaking area and launched the boat again, still leaks. Another glop of epoxy, a quick launch and it is leaking but from another area. More epoxy and it is still leaking but not as bad. So we go for our first sail. Mainsail only. We learned many things. For some reason the batten cars will not slide on the the track until about half a dozen of the balls fall out. Roll down the deck. Roll overboard. Balls everywhere. Well for a while, then all ended up in the water. Sigh. Not sure what the problem is. But after they were sacrificed to the water gods the cars then went on smoothly and the sail went up and down like it should. We sailed! We also found out that with just the main up and if you put it in irons to adjust the outhaul the boat will not come out of irons. At all. Pulled up the daggerboard and finally started to sail again. Had a nice sail back to the dock. Bail out the bilge and find where the leaks are now. More epoxy. We go out again today and after launching I check to find it is worse then the day before. Sounded like someone is peeing into a puddle. Sigh. No sailing, more epoxy. Not quite ready for the stuff they sell on TV to plug the screen door in the rowboat, but......
10 Sep 12. Dog Year Floats! 
We launched the boat today and officially christened her Dog Year! She came off the trailer as planed and all looked good. A quick check below found some leaking from around the keel box. We decided to not push our luck by sailing, so back on the trailer to dry out. We then put it back in and while still on the trailer and investigated where the water is coming from. Found that it is leaking from right at the keel box frame and the hull skin. We think that letting it dry and injecting epoxy into the area followed by a good fillet of epoxy/cab-o-sil will seal it off. A big thanks to Kirby for taking the pictures and Scott for helping dry the bilge and look for leaks.

See Sep Pix.

08 & 09 Sep 12. Mast Rigging.   
Finished with splicing on the deadeyes to all the shrouds. Then worked on making the wedges and cover for the mast partners at the deck. That is what is in the picture to the left. Got all the shrouds lashed and tensioned. Lashed the turning blocks at the mast base and all the other little things to get ready to sail.

See Sep Pix.

30 Aug 12. Mast up, down, up!  
The plan for the day was to go to the lake set up the mast and launch the boat. That was the plan. The Gods laughed. Of all the things that I thought could go wrong today, what happened was not even in the top ten.

The mast is up! But not without some drama and damage. So we get the mast out from under the patio cover, out of the backyard, and strapped to the trailer. A drive up to the lake and un-strap the mast set on saw horses and assemble the spreaders. The next big job is to get it some 3+ meters up to the deck. Done in 3 stages, 1st raise the bottom up to deck level. 2nd raise the top end to deck level. 3rd manhandle the whole thing over the life lines. All in the blazing sun. Break time. Set up the gin pole and attach to the mast at the lift point. Break time. (Did I mention the Noon day sun?). So then start raising the mast, there is a point where the bottom of the mast must be held and guided into the deck hole. (Did I mention the part about the HOT sun on a black mast?) Wendy could not hang on to the mast end and before I could get it lowered back down to the deck a puff of wind came along and with a bit of a gravity storm, the gin pole, mast, the works fell to the ground. #@&)&%$@^. Neither one of us were hurt. I would hate to think what would have happened if any of the parts had hit us, or swept us off the deck. A quick survey of the mast showed no damage to the main tube and spreaders. Most of the damage was done to the junk on the top. The wind indicator, VHF antenna, Windex, and Nav light all suffered. I fixed the antenna, windex and pulled off the remains of the wind indicator. Then went over to the Sailboat Shop and used their gin pole to get the mast up and in. Yes we used gloves this time. Finished off the rest of the day unwinding the spaghetti that was our rigging and splicing/lashing a couple of shrouds. 

See Aug Pix.

25 Aug 12. Rigging.  
The dinning room converted into a rigging shop. That is the mast outside on the patio. Maybe not out of the heat but out of the sun.
Past build progress continues here.           




Photo Album                                                                          

    Latest build photos.



 Build Days Schedule:  
 Back on the afternoon shift. Will be trying to work on the boat on Sundays & Mondays

Please call my cell number before dropping by: 602-326-3381

Or Email me.




A scale comparison of the Didi Mini and the J/24.


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